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About the Artist

Find out more about Raquel and her personal inspirations


Hi there! My name is

Raquel Pablos

My first introduction to art was working with clay when i was 8 years old, my art teacher was a brilliant sculptress from the North of Spain. She was one of my biggest influences. She always thought I was talented and encourage me to attend art school.

At 17 I started art school in Madrid which helped me to develop my skills. My mixed media art teacher believed I was very talented and encouraged me to follow my career in painting.

After I finished Art school I lived in different places. These locations inspired me to master my skills and find my personal style by continuing to paint and make sculptures. I lived in Scotland for 3 years, where I was successfully selling my pieces to shops. Then in Alicante, in Spain, where I worked with a ceramist for 4 years.


In 2012 I finally took the decision to move to Dublin, Ireland, where I met my husband, became a mother and started a life there.

Since then, I have been developing my passion for art by working
with recycled materials and mastering my skills with different art
techniques: Collage with recycled coffee capsules, shells, acrylics and resin.

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Creating Art is my passion.

Through my work I want to invite and welcome the viewers to a place where they can wonder and immerse themselves into a world of fantasy and magic, where they can forget about the real world we live in for a while. When I make my art work I forget about everything, it is like a meditation to me, a way to escape and breath, and come back relaxed and in peace.


My inspiration comes from nature, from emotions I felt visiting the landscapes and seeing the colors and shapes of the places I lived in. Many of my pieces are inspired by Irish landscapes, Ireland welcomed me when I needed it most.


To bring my paintings to life, it is important for me that they have relief, as this gives them movement and personality. To make this happen I use recycled materials, like coffee capsules, it is a way to help the environment as well as to emphasize my belief that nothing ends in life, but transforms into something more beautiful, That everything has a new beginning.

The best way to enjoy my paintings is in person as the photographs don’t do them justice. Emotions are always better passed on when you see my artwork life.

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Newbridge County Kildare Painting.jpg

And these are my materials:

Acrylic Paint

In acrylics, I feel my kingdom come to life through the use of strokes, layering of colours, smudges and spirals that encompass all my paintings. I love the feeling of melding colours together to create the beautiful scenes that I can touch and feel.

Acrylics give me the sense of bringing texture and patterns to life, combining colours so that you can see the reality of the magic kingdom I dream.

Nespresso Capsules

For me, art is about sustainability, it's about using what we have to create something new and beautiful. Some of my work is used by re-purposing Nespresso capsules, which are made from aluminium. My friends, family and neighbours give me their leftover capsules so that they can go to something creative, and from them I create intricate pieces of art with markers and acrylics. 

Maya Circle by Raquel Pablos.jpg.jpg
Turquoise Sea Raquel Pablos.jpg

Sea Shells 

In Ireland, we are surrounded by the sea. A simple journey from my home will bring me to the North coast of Dublin- where you can enjoy amazing seafood in Howth, stroll the beaches of Portmarnock and wander the beautiful village of Malahide. When I'm out with my family, creating memories, we collect sea shells along the shore which I bring hope to use in my art. Using sea shells makes my art tangible, rough and smooth and makes me really feel as though I am back by the sea.

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